Aromatherapy in Timbuktu – Haemorrhoids and headache

The streets of Timbuktu in a day of sand wind

For a long time doctors have observed strange epidemics of non contagious diseases, for example rheumatism or ulcer. Cosmo–geological causes have been assumed –  that means solar winds or the fluctuations of terrestrial magnetic field. Two years ago in Timbuktu the major disturb I was asked to cure were haemorrhoids. A real epidemic disease. So when I returned this year I brought with me a big supply of a truly miraculous remedy for this problem – the essential oil of cypress.

Use it in its pure form of essential oil (although a bit hot) or diluted in olive oil (40 drops for 8 ml), it has to be used externally every time one goes to toilet. One should clean oneself with water instead of paper tissues, and then apply the product. Results are rapid and definitive.

But when I arrived in Timbuktu I found an epidemic headache. In majority of cases it was caused by sinusitis. In order to recognize this, it is enough to knock with the tips of a finger on the arch of eyebrows. If patient feels pain, the Para nasal sinuses are inflamed.
The sand winds that sweep the city all year lift the dirty dust of the streets and are the obvious cause of this epidemic disease. Sewers pour out in the streets, and everyone spits on the ground.

The dust of Timbuktu is a real poison and it is not a surprise that women and children, who do not wear the turban with which men wrap their head, are the most affected by all respiratory diseases included sinusitis. However I wonder why two years ago, when hygienic situation in Timbuktu was the same, this epidemic was not an issue. Two things have changed in the city – the gigantic “Orange” telephone antenna and the taste of tap water that smells of a chemical product that is not chlorine. Maybe bleach. Right away I suspected the water because I also had the headache starting from the first days.

However with aromatherapy the solution to migraine and sinusitis is the same and simple – it is the essential oil of peppermint. It is applied on painful places, eyebrows, temples, cranium or also neck because many headaches can have as origin a problem of neck vertebras and muscles. Peppermint has an immediate effect on the symptoms of sinusitis (headache, nose congestion of and inflamed Para nasal cavities.
With long-term use as a symptomatic cure, this essential oil also works on the cause of the disease until it resolves it definitively. In Timbuktu, however, I obtained straight away long lasting results that I could not have obtained with peppermint alone by using also acupuncture needles on eyebrows.

I went along experimenting the use of aromatherapy and acupuncture together with other problems such as arthritis and back pains with very good results.


Acupuncture needles and essential oils for headache

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  1. Ambrosia says:

    A fellow Healer as well as a fellow perfumer eh?

    Here in Australia, I have been useing a blend of peppermint, eukalyptus, lavender and lemon to treat sinusitis for many years….
    Eukalyptus is a particularly effective phlegm liquifier and is used in Australia by the Indigenous people for all kinds of cleanising and healing purposes…they burn the leaves, boil them and inhale the vapours etc….I added the lavender because I use it a lot for children and it’s soothing effects are a great addition…the lemon is to boost the immune system…
    I also combine a similar approach useing accupressure to the eyebrow and eye orbital ridges. The lower orbital ridges seem to be particularly effective in clearing the sinus passages.
    It is wonderful to see someone sharing their knowledge in such a useful way as you are!

    • AbdesSalaam Attar says:

      Dear Ambrosia, from all the natural perfumers you are the one that I feel has the most similar way to my own. I understood that from your post on isolates and I did not yet know that you were healing others with the essences.
      Please read my aromatherapy course, it is very concentrate and easy, you may find in it some thing you did not know to help people.


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