The return of Sandalwood


Good news for sandalwood lovers who have witnessed in the last years the total disappearance of the real Santalum of Mysore caused by years of illegal and excessive logging.

While the distillation of local sandalwood in Mysore has stopped, some smart Australians have imported the Santalum Album tree in order to fill the emptiness that the Indian disaster has created in the market.

Australia has been sustainably producing  for decades the Sandalwood essential oil, from the variety Santalum spicatum of trees. It is an excellent sandalwood  but inferior in olfactory quality to the Album variety.

Santalum Album is postulated to have originated from an over-sea dispersal out of northern Australia or Papua New Guinea 3 to 5 million years ago, its return to its land of origin presaged only good for the qualiy new essence.

2013 is the first year for the production of Australian Santalum album to go on the market.

The result is excellent and very alike the Mysore, especially for the delicate santalol middle and end note totally missing to the Album and Spicatum. Read more