It is always a pleasure to speak with Luca, of course I did not ask him directly why he and Tania had stopped but rather I expressed how much I missed his reviews.

He told me that I could not imagine how boring and deluding it was to smell 2000 perfumes a year, 1500 of which were totally inept.

I imagine he would love to write epic reviews about great fragrances, about perfumes that would inspire to him new parables and analogies, that would make him imagine new words and concepts, that would allow him use his great culture to describe the subtle and strange harmonies of scents. Instead of that he became tired of always having to find new “vacheries” (nastinesses) for products of fine perfumery barely worthy of being shampoo fragrances.

“At least shampoo producers do not pretend to make fine perfumery, this is making a joke of the customers” he said.

“There is a new perfume called Scarlet, it is so ugly that I prefer to have tooth ache rather than smelling it”

“The perfumers have to deliver always cheaper perfumes at always shorter notice, such as 2 weeks, they have no idea at all”

“The industry cannot go ahead like this, something will happen.”

For those who love to read Luca and wonder why he stopped writing about perfumes, the answer is very simple, he has lost interest in the perfumes that are produced nowadays. Life being short, perfumes being just perfumes and love being greater, I think he found a better outlet to concretize his creative genius and to live intensely the moment.

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