Olfactory Psychology is the basis of olfactory communication and has its direct applications in olfactory marketing.

Olfactory Psychology does not have applications only in marketing and in the commercial field but also in our personal life.

This consultancy may have the aim to resolve someone’s intimate questions related his reactions and behaviours towards perfumes and smells that surround him.

The capacity of scents to promote uncontrollable emotions can disturb greatly our life but can also be used to enhance our psychic equilibrium.

The understanding of the inner work of smells on our mind that the consultancy provides is the first step to use our olfactory sense with awareness instead of being overwhelmed by it.

The consultancy is delivered by telephone at the cost of € 100,00 plus  € 0.80 per minute.

To ask for a Consultancy in Olfactory Psychology please fill the form below and you will be contacted by our staff.

You can call us at our Skype account (profumo.it) or at +39 0541 86 30 13 for appointment.

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