I also received a mail from Frank which goes more straight to the point:
“Right now I am working on a
natural composition, I have made a couple of other ones with a combination of naturals & synthetics. It’s just that the natural chemicals have so much more to offer in the way off “depth” and multiple fragrance notes that if I continue to add synthetics until I get to know the naturals better, I may be doing an injustice to any further creations I compose. How did you approach these problems when you first started? Thanks
again, ciao, Frank”
My answer:
20 years ago when I started perfume business I went to Grasse and was directed to a small company whose director welcomed me and made me choose samples from his laboratory.
At the end he said “I understand what you are searching for, Natural raw materials”.
My nose had chosen mostly the natural scents among his huge choice of his perfumery raw materials.
The only chemical I had chosen was called brasilate musk, and I bought it not so much because of its smell but rather because in the Muslim culture musk is considered the king of scents.
I used to perfume myself with these pure materials. I used to wear each one in a different part of the body according to it’s power and nature, Jasmine and rose on the beard, oak moss, labdanum ecc on the back of the hands, Tuberose on the hair behind the neck, ecc… The spot I reserved for the musk was on my left arm. In a few weeks I developed an allergy that made it red and itchy. I tried many natural remedies for 6 month until at the end I managed to cure it with applications of green clay.
My arm was smelling of this white musk for month although I had stopped using it. The clay had fortunately sucked away the perfume fixed in my arm.
Such a problem has never occurred to me with any natural essence.
There are three things from the beginning that decided my choice of using only natural essences, the first one is my nose which preferred them as the story of my first trip to Grasse shows, the second is this experience with white musk, the third is my scientific curiosity: I went to a Grasse library and discovered a book explaining that natural essences had healing powers. It was the book of Valnet on Aromatherapy, I bought it and started experimenting with success the power of essential oils on myself and my friends.

AbdesSalaam Attar
Compositore Profumiere