Salaam this is most interesting concerning the efficacy of something like african geranium.

Another patient who has serious allergies….so serious that even though there are no animals in the room but has been is enough for his throat to start closing up and eyes water…..this man could not stay in his fiances house even though she had spring cleaned from top to bottom after having animals……so sensitive to animal cat and dog particularly ….

Would you say the antishark formula could help someone like him?

I know another who is highly sensitive to dust …………is this a 21st century epidemic that is ascerbated by our clinically and syntheticaly clean environment? the young girl mentioned in the earlier email has been a vegetarian all her life and her parent also and they use all environmentally non synthetic products…..very strict environment ….. was never allowed in their bed and was a bedwetter till quite late in years (8) ….

Janita haan Morris
composer natural perfume