Ciao Il Gentilissimo Abdessalaam Attar
Thanks so much for the reply.From 1996,i’ve started to study aromatherapy…i said “i’ve started” coz we never finish to learn…I followed courses with Dr Willem in Paris in “his faculty of Natural Medicines”where i studied phytotherapy,botanic and so on…and i followed courses and trainings also with the chemist-aromatologist Dr Baudoux.I had an introduction about olfactotherapy with Dr Philippe Goeb.And the aromatherapy has lead me on the way of the perfume…specially for the perfumed oils.The choice of the essential oils,of the fragrance is important in a massage.And as you say it’s important to have a good knowledge coz we cannot use the essential oils(& fragrances)in the wrong way.Thanks so much for the titles of the books.I’ll see if i can find them or at least one of them here in Firenze.Wish you a bright day.