Every action is worth the intention that originates it.
The same is true for every human activity, art, trade, politics ecc…
The aim of art is to make love visible.
The meaning of trade is Service to the people.
It is so obvious to american people that trade means making money. Loosing sometimes money willingly in order to do justice to the people is part of the ethic of trade.
The laws that rule our trade practices have little to do with ethics, and any rule not based on ethics is not human.
Yes, trade, just like art is an abstract concept, but the people they both involve and the good they produce are very palpable.
The good and bad that can be done to humans through ethical or unethical trade are much more important than the ones that can be done through art.
Like the prophets, the true artist receives the inspiration from the angel of revelation, Gabriel, but the just trader is sitting on thrones with the saints.

Scritto Da – salaam Attar on 06 Aprile 2007 13:11:39