Thank you so much, Salaam
Your thoughts on this has been very helpful, confirming what I thought as well. I’ve been testing through these items, with scent strips, researching each the best I’m able to, and also on the skin. Synthetics always make me nauseous to varying degrees. Even good ones, once dilluted and on the skin, will then have this effect. Sadly, this also happened with a Rose Absolute from a reputable seller, which I had every reason to believe to be genuine…
I’ve since come to be suspicious of all very precious materials – such great demand, so little supply.

The mosses I will be very careful with, and throw away the crystalized one, and all bottles with the same labeling.

In regards to the Ambergris, what are your thoughts on dealing with it – rebottle the liquid part of course, but can I re-tincture the white deposit, or has that gone bad? I feel so fortunate. I wouldn’t have dreamt of ever getting to know Ambergris. And I’m so lucky to also be able to ask an expert (you) for advice.
The Sandalwood is also as you describe – nice, and mellow. It seems light at first, but has incredible depth in development and dryout. No Agarwood I’m afraid – wouldn’t that be amazing. Ambergris and Sandalwood are quite enough though, I think. We’re not done yet, so who knows…

Many thanks, and all the Best,