ya Hayyu ya Qayyum 450x450 1


What is today known as Islamic culture was build in great part by non Arabs when they converted to Islam.

This is most evident in the most “Arabic” of all arts, the art of Arabic calligraphy, that was in fact elaborated by Persians, Turks, Egyptians, Andalous ecc…

Humbly, as a French Muslim, I follow the footsteps of my predecessors in this art, composing new forms and new styles, developing on the work and aesthetic achievement of those who preceded me.

The calligraphies are of 3 models:

– Printed in 27 x 37 cm format on 300 gr. Valent cardboard, singularly signed by the author

– Printed in 33 x 43 format on 230 gr. parchment paper singularly signed and numbered by the author

– Hand executed on 230 gr. parchment paper and black Chinese ink, singularly signed by the author