Perfume making starter kit


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Perfume making starter kit

The essences are already diluted in pure natural alcohol

Perfumes are composed using base ingredients. Today, a greater part of these are chemical aromas, much cheaper than the natural ones, but traditional perfumery until few decades ago has always used exclusively natural aromatic materials.

We propose to use these original olfactory notes of traditional perfumery in a simple and fast way that allows you to start composing small amounts of custom perfumes immediately ready to be used. In this way, you can easily begin to compose custom fragrances even before attending a school of perfumery. The kit is designed to give to beginners the tools to start composing fragrances according to a philosophy of perfume making.

How to choose the ingredients?

If you intend to make a fragrance for your own pleasure, choose the ingredients according to your personal taste between the fragrance that you know from your personal experience (Mandarin, jasmine, cypress, etc)

If you want to compose a scent for a dear one, choose according to the taste of this person (ask her/him).

If you want to let go your fantasy, choose the aromas letting yourself being inspired by their names and by the descriptions that you will find by clicking on the alphabet of smells.

The kit contains also an instructions sheet.

How to compose your scent?

Take the vial and the bottle in hand and use the small funnel to let the drops of perfume fall right inside it. Annotate the names of the fragrances and the number of drops you have introduced into the vial. This will be your perfume formula with which you will be able to duplicate any of your “creations”. Wash the funnel for every new composition you start, with alcohol or water and soap.


Blend in this way the fragrances one after one. In order to understand the result that you are obtaining, close the vial, shake it well and with the stick of the tap put a little bit of scent on your hand or on a cigarette paper as shown below.
You can also dab a little bit of your blend on the skin to realize how it changes.

Design Your Own Custom Perfumes

The Perfumer Kit contains:

– Six or more 13,5 ml dropper bottles of the base fragrances that you can choose with the form below

– A wooden box as a gift for every 8 bottles

– The instructions sheet

The Perfumer Kit does NOT contain:

– Accessory material, empty vials, funnels, and bottles that can be ordered separately on this page below.


Make your kit with at least 6 fragrances, a wooden box will be added as a gift every 8 bottles

All the bottles contain 13.5 ml., unless differently specified.

The 13.5 ml. bottles of the botanical essences are diluted at the concentration “Parfum” except for the very precious ones, Iris, Tuberose, Sandalwood Mysore, etc…

Every 13.5 ml. bottle contains about 500 drops

Make your own perfume kit


Select the checkboxes to choose the fragrances

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