Your nose is your doctor

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In order to treat yourself with aromatherapy, you must refer to someone who is qualified in both fields of medicine and of essential oils.

Perfumetherapy consists in relying on your instinct, that’s to say your own nose. In Perfumetherapy, it is not the aromatic substance that reacts but it’s odor.

The olfactory stimulus of particular smells activates determinate glands of the endocrine system, inducing them to produce the neuro-chemicals (Adrenalin, endorphin, etc…) which play an important role in regulating our physiological equilibrium (homeostasis).

The extend of pleasure that smells can cause is determined by the balance of each person. If the hormones produced fill a gap, that’s to say act positively to restore the homeostasis balance, then we will receive a pleasant feeling of well-being.

The second way in which our sense of smell stimulates a feeling of pleasure is indirect, through the awakening of our olfactory memories. In fact, smell memory is very primordial. In it, a particular smell is being associated with an emotional state in order to identify the smelling thing simply as “good” or “bad” for the proper survival.

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When an odor is smelled again after years, the olfactory memory activates the limbic system to make it reproduce with the neuro-chemicals the emotional state that accompanied the smell at that time.

The emotional experience linked to odors is at the base of the learning process for all living organisms. Indeed, they depend on it to such an extent for their survival that olfactory memories are passed on together with the genetic patrimony. Every living being possesses three types of smell memories; personal, cultural (territorial), and genetic.

Perfumetherapy works through the use of olfactory archetypes that are imprinted in our genes such as smells of certain animal species, spicescitruses, and flowers, to which we are programmed to respond with certain behaviors or physical reactions (think about the effect that lemon smell has on us).

Perfumetherapy is in reality an extended application of psycho-aromatherapy and as a result helps to heal both the body and the mind, curing them with an infinite and personalized variety of pleasant olfactory emotions.

A perfume of Perfumetherapy is a composition created for every person with the essences chosen by her. This is the return to the oriental tradition of the physician-perfumer. Such a “Soul perfume”  can give a sense of well-being even to somebody who feels fine and is therefore not limited to people who are ill. This therapy is most useful though in the cure of psychosomatic symptoms and of feminine disturbs.


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