Course philosophy



Philosophy of perfume, part 1. Bases for a revolution

Philosophy of perfume, part 2. The language of scents

Philosophy of perfume. Part 3. Healing molecules

Philosophy of perfume. Part 4. Healing emotions


Ninja Perfumers


New Perfumery Seminar July 2015

June Perfumery Course, First Day

Second And Third Day Of Perfumery Course

Perfumery Seminar Fourth Day

Perfumery Seminar Day 5

Perfumery Seminar Last Day


Distill yourself

Tri-Dimensional And Spiritual Perfumes

Composing natural fragrances

The biggest myth of perfumery

Old and new myth of perfumery

Pyramids, lies and myths of modern perfumery

Debunking the myths of perfumery

Subliminal dose


The natural perfumery trend (part one)

The trend of natural perfumery (part two)

The natural perfumery trend (third part)