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What makes quality in a perfume?

There is no doubt that the quality of a perfume depends only from the quantity of naturals that it contains.

There cannot be a good perfume without some amount naturals.

There can be more molecules in a single natural essence than there are in a mass fragrance composed of 100 or 200 single synthesized molecules.

No surprise that any amount of natural in a chemical frag brings volume and depth that are completely lacking to it.

The only problem facing the industry is how little of natural is enough to make a chemical soup into an edible dish.

The problem of niche perfumery on the other hand is how much natural will bear a customer so used to eat chemical soup that he will accept nothing else in his diet.

After the pluri-decennial olfactory dis-education of masses, the universal belief is that there cannot be a good perfume without some amount of synthetic.

Just like the universal belief that there can be no freedom without democracy and “free” market. It is obviously false but only those who have not been blinded see it.

It would be like saying to Leonardo that there can be no good painting without chemical colours. The search of quality colours and their making was a major part of the painter’s work in the past, exactly as the search for quality essences and their distilling is a major part of the natural perfumer today.

You cannot cook any wonderful dish with low quality ingredients. The same applies to perfumery.

Mass perfumery is like supermarket food. It is for the mass. If you are looking for something more, you must search out of the supermarket circuit, out of the perfume shops, directly into the chef’s restaurants, directly with the artisan perfumers who both choose with utmost care their ingredients and whose finger prints you will find on your dish, on your bottle.

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