Old and new myth of perfumery


From my house in Lefke

Fixative ingredients, one of the strongest myths of perfumery.

If you intend by fixative a single molecule that will smell on your skin for hours after all the rest of the perfume has disappeared, then fixatives exist, they are called calone, macrolytic musks and so on… The more persistent, the more incompatible with your biology and the more dangerous to your health, I affirm.

If by fixative you intend an aromatic product that will carry your whole perfume in the time, give him persistence on your skin without leaving pieces of it behind, then just listen to Guy Robert, whose fame as a perfumer is no more be done, but whose iconoclastic nature is largely unknown.

The author of Madame Rochas, Caleche, Equipage, Gucci Parfum and Dioressence says: “Lasting power is not easy to reach, nobody knows how and why this is happening. I hate and find stupid that theory of “fixateurs”.   We all know these many little songs we are hearing anywhere and forgetting almost immediately, but, from time to time, one of these songs sticks to our ear and we go on whistling it the whole day … I can assure you the author of these successful songs do not use any “fixatives ingredients” to get that result …”.

“Nobody knows why this is happening…”,  “Fixative ingredients being just a theory… “???…

This is enough food for thoughts for the readers today. Just recall how many apparently competent and qualified people talked to you about fixative ingredients.

“Lasting power is not easy to reach…” I would say that it can be reached by sheer luck only, but if by perfume you intend the last smelling molecule of calone or Sandeol that you enjoy, be happy with it, but really, this is not perfume.

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