The biggest myth of perfumery


From my house in lefke

The biggest of all perfumery myths is that making perfumes is complicate, technical and time consuming. It is not true, making perfumes is easy, instinctive and fast. I have never spent more than 2 hours on any of my perfumes.

In all arts there is 99% of work and 1% of inspiration. In perfume making, the work is 1% and 99% is inspiration.

The claim that perfumers have to work for years on a fragrance before it can be released on the market is a carefully cultivated myth.

If ever a perfumer takes more than a few hours on a perfume, it has nothing to do with a real difficulty to make a good fragrance. Rather it is because composing something acceptable to human nose out of the cheap chemical ingredients that perfumers are forced to use is a real “tour de force”.
Time consuming work if there is has only to do with successive changes imposed by boards of evaluators, commercials and marketers in order to erase any originality and personality to the original fragrance so that the new perfume will be in line with the existing crap.
This because the amount invested in a new perfume is such that no risk can be taken, producing perfumes is just to be understood as a business, a “one season” hit sales in which to get your money back and profit, before passing to a new business, that is to a new fragrance and to a new launch.

Crap selling is a profitable business, as Chinese know, because you will always produce new things, letting people hope that the new one will be better than the old one. Hope is last to die, the Italians say. Crap selling is an endless production scheme, based on delusion and hope.

People are no more looking for a perfume, they just want “The new perfume”.

Perfume is so easy that children in my perfume classes make fragrances far better than most of what is sold in perfumery shops. Holding these classes it became so evident to me that the ability to make good perfumes depends only on character and personality, not on nose sensibility or “technical” knowledge.

Some children just go straight to their choice of ingredients, straight to the right blending proportions and just stop when they are satisfied of the result. That’s the way to do it, in half an hour.

This is the way I do myself, then in following days I can smell the fragrance and complete it.

Some people instead, in the children or adult classes, cannot chose their ingredients, they are in doubt at every step and they can never complete the fragrance because never do they reach a result that they like.

Making perfumes is done with a life attitude, not with a special olfactory ability.

If you have the right life attitude, making perfumes will be very easy to you. If you don’t, don’t even try making perfumes, unless you are young, open to change and willing to better yourself. Then you could learn the right life attitude through perfume making.

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  1. Yvonne Rose says:

    Making perfumes is done with a life attitude, not with a special olfactory ability. This is an excellent way of thinking,regarding any Art! Imagination is 99% the creation…YES! Lovely post you have shared Thank You!


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