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I have been learning to understand the process of distillation before learning to distil.

“You can learn to love only by loving” says Rumi, and you can learn to distil only by distilling.

The more I distil and teach others to do it, the more I realize the fascination that distilling exerts on all people who come across to it.

The transformation of matter into spirit appears to us like a sort of good magic. I have been pondering for some time on the appeal that distillation has on human beings.

I believe that distillation is showing us in the material world a primordial spiritual process of mankind. The distillation of one’s self.

Distilling yourself means to eliminate all that makes yourself as a person in order to become the pure spirit of your person.

It is no more possible to describe what is to become the pure spirit of your person than it is possible to describe love. But when you experience even a little of it you know it.

Distillation is a process that is painful to the plant and distillation of self is a painful process to our self. No distillation can occur without a distiller doing it and the distillation of self needs a person to put you in the alembic and to lit the fire to make the water boil.

This is why either we are searching for such a person or we are fleeing from such persons, but in any case, if you are destined to be distilled you will be caught by the distiller.

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  1. Lets Get Social in Dubai says:

    Ramadan Kareem Abdes Salaam
    This post is one of the most amzing I have ever read. Mashallah, I am extremly impressed.
    Would be possible to re-post this with all the reference needed on the website that I own?
    Thank you so much for the spiritual message and for the high emotions created by the beautiful words.
    All the best and peaceful Ramadan
    My kinddest regards, Leila


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