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The high commercial value of the spices was due to their curative virtues and to the refined pleasure they give to the palate. They are traditionally used all over the world in the cure of numerous diseases of the digestive apparatus. Spices are unique for allowing combining in food pleasure and health.

Spices come from the hot countries and they heat up the body with their great solar energy. For this reason they are most useful to northern people, being able to cure most part of diseases caused by cold. They are also aphrodisiac and warm up the soul helping cold tempered persons to unlock their emotions.

In the physical as well as in the psychological sense, spices are heating, strengthening and exciting, they strongly evoke oriental and exotic feelings although they have won a privileged place in our daily life due to their extensive use on our tables. Their aroma reminds us of Christmas feasts, of cookies hot from the oven and of the house and family.

On the psychological level, spices allow us to experiment the taste of travelling to exotic countries in the perfect comfort of own house. They combine the deep fascination for adventure with a homely feeling of security. This explains the great consent that spicy perfumes have always obtained and this is the very secret of some of the most popular fragrances.