Civetticus civetta



civet  civet2

photo from Gowrie Cam; Africam


  • They are found throughout the African tropics except the desert areas.
  • They feed on snakes, birds, eggs, hares, spiders, millipedes, fruit, snails and fish.
  • They are usually found close to watercourses and in woodland areas.
  • They are mainly solitary and are territorial, marking their territory using dung and anal secretions.
  • They can give off foul smelling secretion from their anal gland, which may deter predators.
  • They do not have retractable claws.
  • They weigh between 7-20kg.
  • They were kept in captivity for thousands of years to obtain a substance called civetone, form the animal’s anal gland, to be used as a fixative for perfumes.


  • Females give birth from 1-4 young after a gestation period of 2.5 months; young are properly weaned after about 5 months.


  • They are killed by lion, hyena and leopard.
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