Infusion of musk in sandal oil

The name of Musk (musk deer) is known to the entire humanity but today, a few tens of thousands of live persons have had privilege to smell it’s odor. It was the scent of the kings and of the emperors and the common people could smell it only in the wake of the powerful ones on earth. Musk is the very archetype of  Scent, and possesses an extraordinary power either in the olfactory sense than for its action on the psyche and for its curative virtues.

Musk deer

Musk (musk deer) is still used in unani and ayurveda medicine, together with honey, ruby powder and other ingredients, as a tonic capable to resuscitate the exhausted vital energies. Its reputation as a powerful aphrodisiac is certainly not denied by it’s very much animally and nearly corporal smell that lends to whoever wears it an enormous charge of physical attraction, conferring him a sense of audacity and assertiveness  that he will be able to transform  in mental (as the king in order to govern) and spiritual energy (is the scent of  the saints and of the prophet Muhammad, Peace be upon him).

The opened  purses of musk. Low on the left the inner skin is visible. It is made to macerate in the oil of sandalwood (up in the bottle). Low at right,  the tail of the Musk Deer…..


Musk is made to infuse in pure alcohol for at least a year

Musk is produced by the male of a small deer, the Musk Deer, from the Hindu Kush and the Himalayas, the moschus moschiferus, a sedentary animal that marks its territory dropping small balls of the Musk that is produced in a single purse situated under it’s belly. The Musk deer drops the musk grains during the reproduction season as an olfactory message, for  females and rivals, that contain all the information about itself; age, state of health and genetic patrimony.

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