Benefits of Perfumetherapy

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One basic principle of holistic aromatherapy, similarly to the principle that governs homeopathic and to other vibrational therapies, presupposes the curative power of the plant’s vital force (or of the animal’s) through its aromatic matter.

With Perfumetherapy we can assimilate this vital force by merely smelling it.

Perfumetherapy possesses some fields of predilection in which it is observed that its curative action turns out particularly effective.

This is particularly true for the alterations of the nervous and endocrine systems, but the dysfunctions of these systems are often the cause of diseases and disturbs of a very different nature.

Perfumetherapy is therefore particularly recommended for depressive states, anxiety, panic attacks, anorexia, hysteria or more simply for negative chronic emotional states such as insatisfaction, delusion, insecurity, aggressivity, frustration etc.

The power that scents have to stimulate and to affect the endocrine system is widely documented by the researches of psycho aromatherapy. Let us remember in fact that the endocrine system is directly related to the sense of smell. This makes without doubt perfumetherapy the therapy of predilection for women against infertility, for pregnancy and breast feeding, but also for all the alterations of the menstrual cycle.

Moreover, using of the scents of the Perfumetherapy is of an inestimable help in the cure of all the psychological disturbs that come along with women’s biological particularity (premenstrual tension, post partum depression etc…).

For each and everyone, the choice of the right curative fragrance is guided by our olfaction instinct, by an innate knowledge stamped in our genes, which makes us infallibly recognize “at smell” our own curative vibration. Your nose is your doctor!

For the patient on line (patient of himself in the case of the Perfumetherapy), the choice of his fragrances will be guided by his knowledge of the smells that please him in nature (rose, pine, Mandarin etc), and also by reading our texts that explain the nature and the effects of every fragrance in Perfumetherapy.

Let us remind that in order to obtain results with Perfumetherapy, it is essential that the fragrances be completely natural (unfortunately our health shops are full of deceptive perfumes). This is because the curative vital force of the plants is not present in its chemical substitute, and because the angels that guard the healing powers of aromatic plants do not precipitate at the call of the chemical scents.


The right word to explain the way to use the fragrances of Perfumetherapy is: “at pleasure”.

The scents can be used without restriction of any kind apart from that of one’s own pleasure. They can be used at anytime just like a perfume is worn or sprayed around in your daily life spaces.

In fact, Perfumetherapy is the only one that can justly be defined like “the therapy of pleasure”.

Let us remind that in the Jewish mystic all the senses give pleasure to the body, except the sense of smell that gives pleasure to the soul.