I had used up all the acupuncture needles I had in Timbuktu. My friend Tahara’s uncle, Congressman, offered me some boxes he bought from his acupuncturist in Bamako.

I visited this acupuncturist while in Bamako to clear the wind turbine from customs. He is not Chinese! Dr. Bagayako is from Mali, but he is as fluent in Chinese as he is adept at using acupuncture needles.


He studied Chinese medicine in China for years and is an expert who is in great demand in West Africa. Dr. Bagayako teaches acupuncture in Mali and abroad. He seems to have absorbed quite a bit of Chinese culture and philosophy.


I spent a day with him in the clinic with his patients, and he had the kindness and generosity to teach me a bit of his knowledge.


Although I am just a novice, the results I saw when I used the needles were incredible. This has made me eager to learn more.
Before coming to Timbuktu I had used acupuncture only on myself and my family.
During my two months in Mali, I have treated hundreds of people and have further assimilated the lessons of my first teacher, Dr. Baha Uddin.


I took notes to remember the teachings of Dr. Bagayako and now I am ready to return to Timbuktu, stocked with needles and ready to apply the technique of my new teacher.



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