18. House in construction

The house of Fayaz is not ready as I thought it was, but only the metallic structure is manufactured.

Mr Agha has an army of workers under his orders, and he is like king Salomon with his army of Jeenis working for him to build the temple of Jerusalem. Because he is working wonders, Shigri calls him Jeeni, but I prefer to think of him as King Salomon, and in my mobile, his number is registered with the name Sulaiman.

He is the person to whom Shigri entrusted the construction of the prefab houses but he provided him only with its designs and dimensions.




Building a house from a design is not easy, and what we are building for Fayaz is the first house of the project. All the technical problems are being solved at the moment they arise during the construction. This is why the work is slow.

Moreover, Mr Agha and his team are building not just one but two houses simultaneously, because one will be sent up to Bagh for Fayaz, in pieces ready to assemble while the second one will be sent to the factory where 100 workers are ready to start producing from this model about 100 houses a week.

The model which we bought for Fayaz is the bigger one when I entered the structure for the first time I was astonished. ”This is a villa!” I exclaimed, “even I do not live in such a house!”. It is very big and this is also why the work is so slow because it is more complicated to build a big house and there are many more problems to solve.


casa tridi


casa tridi.int


I went to Mr Agha in order to see how the work was proceeding. The frame has been already cut into the pieces that will be assembled together, and the pasting of the walls remains to do, as well as the electric wiring and the water pipes fitting for the kitchen and the bathroom.


casa fayaz frame


casa fayaz frame2


I understood that I would have to wait one or two weeks more because here everything goes slowly. I always say to my friends jokingly: “The good thing about Pakistan is that people don’t mind making you wait an hour or two.”

As I have this much free time I decided to make a trip to Pakpattan to meet my Punjabi old friends (from the region of Punjab).



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