nuovi abitanti1

The well is going to be finished, in sha Allah, as we always say here. The day scheduled to reach the 5 meters depth is tomorrow.
We are very confident that we shall succeed because precursor signs become visible.

nuovi abitanti1

The first sign is the quantity and variety of birds that frequent the well, the trees are full of their songs.

nuovi abitanti3


An other sign is that people are arriving and build their tents. They are shifting, re-locating here.

nuovi abitanti

The last sign is the one that has impressed me most, the butterflies have arrived.

nuovi abitanti2

They land on the fresh wet sand, I wonder who has told them that there was water in abundance here.


Many sick people have heard the news that Ali’s medicines are good and they come every day in greater numbers to receive his cures.


nuovi abitanti4

Visitors sprout from the desert-like mushrooms, they look around, see the water and decide to move here very soon. They say that they intend to build earth houses just like in Timbuktu.

The water of our well is the sweetest and the best of all the surrounding wells. It is also the more abundant. Our fortune is great.
I am quite astonished, I did not imagine such an effect, But Ibrahim and Ali tell me: “It is normal, water is life, there is no one here only because there is no water. If you were to return here after 3 years, you will find a village.”

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