Today we have returned to dismantle the camp and to pour the Zam Zam water into the well.
The nephew of the “king”, Abu Bakr, has worked with our workers in such a manner that has impressed us all. He has worked harder than our own men without ever making any problem. His uncle had sent him to us in order to participate. The well is theirs and he is working for himself, but I think that his seriousness for the job deserves to be rewarded.
I have noticed that he has fallen in love with the garden. What present is better for him than a system to bring the water there?



Yesterday I asked Ibrahim what he thought of it, and he answered me that Abu Bakr had been asking this to him already, but it would mean another day of work, with more expenditures on material and workmanship, that were not included in his contract. Abu Bakr, had not been able to afford these expenses and had renounced.

Ibrahim called him and told him: “AbdusSalaam and I have been impressed by the way you have worked with us and we want to reward you, do you prefer that we give you some money or that we bring the water into your garden?”

Abu Bakr chose without hesitation the water for the garden, he was shining with happiness.

zam zam5

I therefore told Ibrahim that I would assume the expenses, and today we  returned to dismantle the camp, to pour Zam Zam water into the well and for the building of Abu Bakr’s basin. Underground tubes will allow him to receive the water from the well directly into his garden, at thirty meters distance.

zam zam6

For Abu Bakr, having sufficient water to wash one’s dress is an incredible luxury.

zam zam7

After that I went down the well to pour Zam Zam.

zam zam1
zam zam2

I then wrote according to Ibrahim’s instructions: “Well rehabilitated by the modern system of capitation with filtering column, by the Muslims of Italy”. I then wrote the web address where one can read the whole story of Bir Amin.

zam zam3

Baba has come with us in Timbuktu and if he wants to study he will remain there. I still have a few days left to care for him with Ali and to find him a school.

zam zam4

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