The new canal

Last year the president of Libya, Qaddafi came to Timbuktu to hold a summit and to help the city because of its glorious past as a lighthouse of faith and religion.

He asked the wise men of the city: “What shall I construct for you? Do you want a road to connect you to the south of the country? Do you want schools and hospitals?” The wise men answered: “We want only water because water is life.”

The Niger River is 19 kilometers distant from the city, Qaddafi immediately called his engineers and his workers from Libya and in just a few short months they had dug a canal that brought the water of the river to Timbuktu.

He did in a moment what all the foreign states and Unesco failed to do in thirty-five years of so-called assistance. Now all that is missing are the pumps and access to the water. The canal is dangerous and a potential death trap. People easily fall into the water from the sandy slopes and many don’t know how to swim. There are also very few places from where it is possible to go down and reach the water.  These are, luckily, small problems that can be easily resolved, without spending a lot of money.

The miracle is that after thirty-five years, water has come back to Timbuktu, thanks to the Libyan president.


The old canal

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