I have gone to the center of the handicapped women of Timbuktu. The aim of the association is to help each other and to receive the foreign help destined to help the poor and needy of Timbuktu.

A German organization has donated to them some sewing machines and has paid a tailor to teach them how to sew dresses so that they can earn a livelihood by working.
After a few months though the german have abandoned these women and they have given no more money to buy the clothes to saw and to pay the teacher.

Quite a lot of cloth is necessary to learn and to practice with the sewing machines and the women are fifteen.

The machines are stored unused.


A proverb goes saying: “if your brother is hungry, do not give him a fish, teach him how to fish”.
It is also necessary to give a fishing net to your brother, otherwise, he will not catch a fish.

If we manage to help these women to complete their formation as home tailors, then they will have the possibility to earn something instead of having to wait for charity.

If I manage to help the women to complete their formation as tailors, then they will have the possibility to earn a living instead of waiting for charity.

The most important thing according to me is that the women who have started the formation may have as soon as possible a sewing machine at home so that they can at make repairs and small works in the family and for the neighborhood, but above all that they may at any moment practice what they have learned.

I have seen in my own home how useful is a sewing machine and that familiarity with the machine is the most important thing to gain for a woman, and this is obtained only by having it ready at home.

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