After meeting 4 well-diggers, I am stuck.

I don’t feel confident in any of them. I do not know what to do. I don’t have a well-digger nor a location to dig a well, but I am not worried because during this first week in Timbuktu another parallel situation has developed so I am not left inactive.

It all started when I began to cure the people of the hotel with my aromatherapy essences. They were easy patients with disturbances that I knew well how to cure. Headaches, tooth ache, back aches, haemorrhoids…

The news spread very quickly that my medicines were good and the people of the neighbourhood began to come to the hotel asking me for remedies.

When the elderly arrived with their joint problems I cured them with acupuncture with such success that after a few days 15 or 20 people would be waiting for me every morning in the street in front of the hotel.


The patients became so many that I could not cure them inside the hotel anymore and neither could I do it in the street. I asked Tahara to lend me her tent in the courtyard of the restaurant to receive the patients.


She accepted willingly, without even taking into account that this invasion of patients could harm her commercial activity. Tahara is a generous lady from a noble family and a descendant of saints.
She is well known in Timbuktu and respected for her moral integrity and her dedication to helping others.



Tahara also lent us a bed from the hotel in order to treat the persons who need acupuncture in the spinal column.




I am curing these ill people every day, they are mostly the poor who cannot afford to pay the doctors of the hospital nor the remedies of the pharmacy.


This is why I am not worried, even though I am at a stalemate with the well and with the windmill.
I have decided to wait a little in order to see if this situation unblocks in some way because I do not know what to do to unblock it myself.

In any case, how could I refuse to give relief to the children crying from their pain, or to those who are too poor to have access to the medical system.
How could I refuse, knowing perfectly that I can lighten their suffering and cure them with my essences and my acupuncture needles.


We have raised a cloth wall to separate the patients from the hotel clients.


The concern of mothers for their child is visible on their face.

Tahara’s hospital has been functioning only for 4 days and I realize that we cannot continue like this.
Too many people are coming, I am literally besieged in my hotel from morning to evening. Every activity in the hotel has become conditioned by the patients to the detriment of the clients.

It cannot continue but I cannot stop either, refusing to cure children and mothers, old people and poor ones. I have to find a solution…

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