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In the Hebrew mystic all senses are considered as giving pleasure to the body, except the sense of smell that was designed to give pleasure to the soul.

However, Hebrew mystic is not the only one to consider perfumes as a spiritual affair.

The texts of the scents of the soul are all about olfactory psychology and philosophy.
A perfumer without philosophy is like an artist without inspiration, not worth much more than an old pair of socks dropped on the roadside.

In a pheromone talk, speaking about spiritual affairs would seem out of place, but we are talking about perfume, and this is where it comes to the point.
Saying that pheromones are just sex would be like saying that there is nothing more in life than chemistry, or like saying that there is no spirituality in sex.

I have been selling perfumes in the street for years before setting up a company, and every young boy and young girl were looking for a perfume that would make him trail someone of the opposite sex.
And I was wondering, “how is it possible that although they are being so thirsty of each other they never meet?”.
It is because men and women do not search only for sex from each other, they search for an encounter with a soul, and this is also what the real meaning of sex is.

AbdesSalaam Attar Compositore Profumiere

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