Environmental aromatherapy


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Anyone entering your house is unconsciously hit by its smell. This first impression remains in the memory for ever and will have a determinant part in the opinion they form of your house and of yourself.

Perfuming the spaces where we live, our house, our working place, our car is a natural necessity because the smells by which we are surrounded in nature are necessary for our psychological balance, for our mental activity and for our emotional harmony.

Aromatherapy is based on the study of the wonderful substances that are essential oils. Psycho-aromatherapy is the field of research that studies the stimulation of the endocrine system with odors and their effect on the nervous system.

Psychology of smell or olfactory psychology makes us enter in the mysterious and unexplored world of our emotional responses to smells, determined by our personal, cultural and genetic olfactory memories.

The environmental aromatherapy consists in consciously spreading natural fragrances in order to obtain chosen effects on ourselves and on others, both on the physical and on the psychological level.

Diffusing the essences of the plant kingdom in our environment can awake in us primordial emotions, their odor acts upon our nervous system activating the glands that regulate homeostasis and they purify our environment of microbes, fungi, and insects.

The most surprising aspect of aromatherapy is that our nose instinctively likes the essences which have upon us a benefic effect both on the physical and psychological level. This observation verified daily by practitioners of aromatherapy is at the origin of the first rule for practicing aromatherapy: do not cure a person with an essence whose smell she does not like. It is really the discovery of this remarkable instinctive knowledge dormant in all of us that  has given birth to the most enthralling aspect of aromatherapy: the perfumetherapy.

Therefore trust your nose and with only four or five different essences you can not only change the perfume of your home according to the need, but compose each and everyday a new melody of smells mixing them in the diffuser according to how you feel.

The fragrances of “The perfumed home” are those which respond to the most common situations found in daily life where aromatherapy can be of great help. Not only do they allow the perfumes of nature into our house but they will help improve the quality of our lives.

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