• Between 19 November and 17 March 1999, Felixstowe Customs and Excise authorities seized commercial imports of traditional Chinese medicines from China amongst which were 76 080 pills and 492 aerosols containing, among others, Musk Deer Moschus.

  • From 1 January to July 1998, 8 dozen boxes of traditional Chinese medicines (TCM) containing muskMoschus, from China to Belgium, were seized at Zaventem Airport.

  • On March 1998, Zhi Lin Dong and his company, Chinese Medical Centre, in Utrecht, were found guilty of trading packages claiming to contain ingredients of CITES-listed species. Dong was sentenced to gaol for three months’ and fined HFL 10 000 ($US 5000); the company was fined HFL 80 000. Eight lorry-loads of traditional Chinese medicines were seized. Some packages claimed to contain, among others, Musk Deer Moschus.

  • On March 1997, at Hampshire Magistrate’s Court, Bang Hue Thu pleaded guilty to four charges under the Control of Trade in Endangered Species (Enforcement) Regulation 1985 (COTES) of illegal sale of traditional Chinese medicines. She was fined $2000 (US$3336) and $150 costs. Among the items seized were packages listed also derivatives from Musk Deer Moschus.

Data provided by TRAFFIC International

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