First aid aromatherapy course

firstaid aromatherapy kit

This aromatherapy course synthesizes 25 years of experiences in the daily use of the essential oils I have been using as a perfumer. I call it “first aid aromatherapy” because this is a way of using the oils that shows immediate results.

The course is free, although it is the very course I hold in Italy to my students when they register with payment.

The course is meant to enable anybody without medical knowledge to cure himself and his family with just a few essential oils, solving most of the usual disturbs, but aromatherapy is so efficient that it would be a great help for any doctor who wishes to avoid prescribing the usual chemical medicines to his patients.

The basic kit I use is composed of only 6 essences, with which I can deal with almost every eventuality. This is in part why the practice of first aid Aromatherapy is so easy, it uses only a few products with a wide range of applications.

Some of the stunning effects of aromatherapy are illustrated on this blog where I documented some of my experiences curing the people in Timbuktu. You will find them scrolling down.

AbdesSalaam’s Attar free first aid aromatherapy course (click to download)


Cours gratuit d’aromathérapie de premier secours (click to download)


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