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    I use 4 aromatic materials of animal origin, many people object to their use without knowing how they are produced.

    • Castoreum beaver is hunted in Canada for its fur and Castoreum is only a by-product of the fur industry that hunts by quotas to keep the beaver population into sustainable density for the ambient.
    • Civet is held in captivity in conditions as bad as those of industrial chicken and other farm animals. The implications of stopping the farming on human economic survival in poverty-stricken Ethiopia are very heavy and betterment of the captivity conditions is a logical evolution of the trade as explained in the report on Sustainable Utilisation of the African Civet by the US dep. See 
    • No one objects to the use of the pheromones extracted from old bee’s waxes.
    • The same is true about ambergris which is washed ashore and not contemplated by CITES as a “product of” sperm whale.
    • I do not use Muskdeer in any of my perfumes but every perfumer should have the chance to smell it once.

    AbdesSalaam Attar
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    Hi there,

    Would a correct comparison of the civet case be chickens in a coop?


    Dear Rashunda, Salaam Alaikum
    I am not sure how large are the civet cages, but still they are cages i heard. A just comparison for a cage is a prison.
    I am not sure either if the animals are raised in captivity or if they are captured from the wild.
    I once asked to a producer in Etiopia about the living conditions of the animals and he told me that they were treated better than human beings. What he meant by this I do not know. It could be either very good for the civet or very bad for human beings.
    I have no proof of teasing the animals and of cruelty towards them, only of captivity and so far I keep on using it. However a travel in Etiopia is not a bad idea, I have it in my wishlist.

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