Amber series perfumes

The Ambergris is produced by the Sperm Whale and is present in all the ancient pharmacopeias. Ambergris has a very typical scent, animally but of great sweetness that seduces particularly feminine noses, who instinctively recognize the odor that will attract males. In fact, like all aromatic substances of animal origin, Ambergris is a pheromone and acts directly on the hormonal system through the sense of smell, without physical contact.

The Sperm Whale that produces Ambergris is so-called for the large amount of fine and valuable oil that is found behind its head. It is a marine mammal of the whales family that feeds on fish and squids, and a hunter who dives to extreme depths (3000 m. according to some) where live the mysterious giant squids that Sperm whale caches with its frightening teeth. This animal was an enormous source of raw materials before the advent of the chemical industry at the beginning of the century (oil, meat, fat, bones, etc…) but was not hunted for the Ambergris, because that substance that grows like a football in its stomach is naturally regurgitated by the animal and floats on the oceanic streams to reach far beaches where it is found.