The aim of Tawaf is to allow you to compose the fragrance according to your personal taste. With the kit you’ll be able to change the perfume every day in a different way, to match your mood and state of mind.

Tawaf is a binary perfume constructed on the combination of two accords that intertwine without melting one into each other, the Jasmine Sambac accord and the Oppoponax resin accord interweaving like two colored Chinese silk fabrics,

The two small dropper bottles contain these two accords:

  1. Jasmine accord : Jasmine, Rose, Narciss
  2. Oppoponax accord: Oppoponax, Mirrh, Peru Balsam

There are two ways to use your kit:

1.    Use the accords as two separate perfumes on yourself
For instance, you might wear the Jasmine accord on your neck and the Oppoponax accord on your wrist; or you can apply the Jasmine in the morning and the Oppoponax in the evening.

2.    Use the accords to compose a single fragrance
For instance, you can pour a drop of Jasmine on your wrist and two drops of Oppoponax over it, then rub the perfume between your two wrists and perfume your neck or your hair with the blend.
Or just pour the drops in the empty vials of the kit, using the funnel, counting the drops just as perfumers do, until you come up with an exact blend that suite you personally.

Or again, use the spray bottle of Tawaf as a base, and add three drops of the Jasmine accord for a more sensuous flowery perfume, or a few drops of the Oppoponax accord to make Tawaf more austere and mystic.

The detailed explanations on this tecnique are available at the Perfumer’s kit page.

Remember that your spray bottle of Tawaf can also become an ingredient of your custom perfume. You can custom my own version of Tawaf in your vials, for instance spray five times Tawaf in the funnel and pour three drops of the Jasmine accord for a more sensuous flowery perfume, or a few drops of the oppoponax accord to make Tawaf more austere and maybe also more mystic.


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