It is called “sensory marketing” and represents at least for the moment the ultimate in the field of sale and communication techniques. The approach is totally different from traditional marketing, based on the scheme:

Need – purchase – satisfaction, it assumes that the emotional factor is decisive in the purchase decision. Studies have demonstrated that over two thirds of the choices made by the consumer are induced on the base of irrational subjective feelings. Most interesting is the observation that such feelings are directly related to sensorial stimulus experienced at the moment of the purchase.

On the international scene, ambient fragrancing already has made them its proofs in stores (Harrod’s  in London, Macy’s in New York, just to cite the most famous cases). The reason is simple: the nice smell of the space identifies in the unconscious of the customer the niceness of the products proposed therein.

Smells remain impressed in the human brain in the form of emotions tied to the situation in which they have been experienced. Therefore their effect is stronger and more incisive than any other sensorial stimulus. To diffuse aromas tied to happy memories of infancy for instance is the surest way to induce positive emotions and a favorable evaluation. Ambient fragrancing represents therefore a powerful tool that can be used effectively to convince the customers, conquering a not ephemeral space in their memory.

“La Via del Profumo” proposes diffusers and personalized fragrances elaborated according to the objective to reach: (favouring relaxation, contrasting smells considered negative, identifying the place, etc).

Among the companies that operate in the ice cream field in Italy, Giuso has realized, in exclusive for the customer shops of the “Fiordiriso & Sapa” a kit diffuser that, installed by the shop entrance, emanates an “ice cream scent” purposely created in order to evoke feelings of satisfaction, well-being, and healthiness of good handmade ice cream

The small aroma diffuser we made for Giuso
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