by Perfumer Composer AbdusSalaam Attar

Olfactory communication and sensory marketing.

The olfactory logo is the essence of olfactory marketing. It is a fragrance that can be diffused in the company spaces (working places, retailers shops etc ), but also in other places where the public will be able to associate the aroma with the company’s Name, for example during sponsored events. Such a fragrance is tailored for the company in order to obtain an image valorization with it’s public and to identify it’s product that may also be perfumed with the same fragrance.

In order to build an olfactory logo it is necessary to bring together the knowledge of the expert in olfactory psychology with the art of the perfumer composer. The first step to the realization of the olfactory logo is then a study of olfactory marketing made by our experts in collaboration with the marketing office of the company.

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