Olfactory marketing of Italian ice creams


This is something entirely new for ice cream shops, although for some time now, especially on an internazional scale, environment scenting has already entered the world of shopping (Harrods of London and Macy’s in New York are just a couple of the most well-known examples).

The reason is simple: smells remain imprinted in the human mind for very long periods, in the form of emotions linked to the circumstances in which they are experienced for the first time. So their effect is stronger and more incisive than almost any other sensory stimulus.

It has been shown for example that by injecting a fragrance into the air during events or occasions that are highly charged emotionally, it is possible to arouse favourable reactions in those present which will automatically be triggered off the moment the same scent is smelt second time round.

So it follows that scenting premises is a very powerful technique that can be used efficiently to win over customers by carving out a niche that will stay in their minds for a long time.

For this purpose, on the market can now be found environment fragrances with personalised scents (concocted to suit the objective to be achieved, whether to favour relaxation, fight smells that are thought to be unpleasant or simply to make a premises unmistakably recognisable, and so on).

Of the many companies operating in the ice cream sector, one that stands out is Giuso which is giving away to all purchasers of the Fiordiriso & Sapa kit, an Eolo air fragrancer to be placed near premises’ doorways.

This device emits “ice cream fragrance”, specially created to invoke feelings of satisfaction, well-being and health that are all in turn associated with good handmade ice cream!

From www.giuso.it

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