Amber and ambergris (Part 2)

Fossil Amber


The scent of the fossil Amber comes forth when heated by rubbing it or with fire. Burning it produces a very persistent incense smoke whose fragrance reminds of Frankincense, tending a little bit towards burnt plastic. It is of not particularly appreciated by our modern sense of smell, prejudiced as it is against hydrocarbon smoke. The Slavs call it Berstein or Burnstein, as they used to burn it against infectious diseases and negative psychical influences.


The fossil Amber is the resin of the giant firs that covered immense regions of the planet tens of million years ago. Tremendous earthquakes buried these forests and they were swallowed under the oceans. The enormous pressure exercised and the million of years hardened the resinous blocks, the essential oil they contained transformed and it became today’s matter, hard like plastic with its inimitable solar brightness and its incense fragrance when it burns.

The two most important fonts of Amber are the same ones since antiquity; the Baltic sea and Mexico.

The Greeks called it Electron for its remarkable electrical property. In fact, the fossil Amber rubbed with vigour loses electrons and is able to attract small pieces of paper like a magnet. It can influence the bioelectricity of the body, by simple external contact or by ingestion in powder. In this last case, the incorruptibility of the fossil Amber allows it to pass undamaged through all the digestive track bringing to it its curative effect.

The property of the Amber of release electrons is applied in ambient burning it like incense. The Tibetans and the Mexicans wear it in necklace as a kind of talisman particularly in order to protect their children. Amber is pleasurable to the three senses; the sight, the smell and the touch.

In effects, Amber is light, warm and pleasant to hold in hand and to work for the craftsman.  In this regard, Mexican Amber is more fragile and less hard than Amber of the Baltic Sea and produces a dry powder that dries the skin of the hands when it is worked, while the Baltic Amber ” greases ” rendering the skin soft. Moreover, the Mexican Amber is so sensitive to the electricity to such an extent that the simple touch of it from depressed or sick persons can provoke cracks in it or even it’s breaking.

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Luca Turin on our Ambergris

Tincturing fossil amber

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