11. The colored clothes



As I have received the measures of waist and shoulders, of chest and of neck, of arms and of legs, of Mariam, Fatima and Aisha, I went with Colonel Daud to buy colored clothes in order to make Pakistani dresses for all my family, so that when I shall go back home, we shall all together go and visit our friends looking as if we were tourists from an other part of the world.

I have chosen every cloth of a different color, three clothes for everyone in order to make three suits for each one. Because every one of my three women has a different taste I have been very careful about my choice. Every one of them must be happy of her colors.
When I went back to the house of my friends, I found on my desk some flowers that Bajee Nasseem had put there for me. Their perfume was of honey and they all had different colors.

What a surprise I had when I realized that all the different colors of the clothes were the same as all the different colors of the flowers.


peas flowers



You are the flowers of my garden and your smile has the perfume of honey, your laugh is like sprinkles of sunlight and your hugs are like the water in the desert.



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