house view1

by Air Commodore Shigri

house view1

The problem is that the poor people, who are so many, do not have the money to rebuild their house, and they cannot start working to earn the money until they can live a normal life in a real house.
So millions of people are in the same situation of our “roofless people” in Italy; without work one cannot afford a house and without a house one cannot find work.
Where as in Italy our government has not yet found a solution for just a few thousands of homeless people, imagine what the Pakistani government can do for 3 millions people. the task is gigantic.

The Kashmiri people are afraid to rebuild with stones now because they have seen that they collapse too easily, but they don’t really know what to do because all these foreigners who come to help them and all these ministers who visit them have not really explained how they plan to make it possible for everyone to build a new safe home.

The most urgent and important need for the people now is no more food, clothing, tents, medicine, schools and hospitals but it is houses, real homes. Kashmir is at the moment an immense refugee camp.

The solution is simple; it is the new house designed by Shigri Sahib.

They are light, spacious, comfortable, secure, very easy and quick to build and they cost little. They are called prefabs; because they are built from pieces that just need to be assembled just like a big construction game. In one day the house is ready.

I told Shigri “with the money that I have brought I would like to buy one of these new houses for a homeless family in a nearby place, so that everyone may see with their own eyes the solution that you have found for them.

So he started to think to whom we could give the new house, if we give it to one of the poor there will always be poorer people than him who will say, “Why was it not given to me? I am more deserving, Shigri is unjust and he helps first of all his own friends”

We went to sleep with this problem in mind but during the night Shigri stood up to discuss with Nissar and Masood and all of a sudden the solution appeared clear to him.
“The house should go to Fayaz”. And he explained me for what reasons.




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