shigri camp

shigri camp


Life in the camp means always being at the service of the people and Commodore Shigri gives us the example in a way that we never forget the reason for which we have come here.
No one here is sent away, be it people who come to ask for clothing and provisions or for iron sheets for the roofs, or the village chiefs who come to bring us the requests of their people.




When someone asks for clothing against the cold, he receives one of the beautiful hot new jackets that Shigri had a friend of his in Karachi produce for him.
After which, Nadir adds some food parcels and writes everything in his account book.




When the people come asking for he iron sheets in order to build the shelters as Shigri taught them, they are given 10 sheets, which cost like the monthly salary of a worker. They receive a paper signed by the Commodore and they go to the shop to take them.
The shopkeeper knows well that one can trust the Commodore Shigri and that he surely will be paid. Nissar writes all the material which is distributed for the building of the shelters.
I have not seen Shigri refusing help to anyone.


distribuzione lamiere


But these are the last days of distribution for iron sheets, because spring has come and it is no more opportune to build shelters against snow, it is time to build real new houses. But because there is not much money to do that, and because the people are afraid to build again with heavy stones that will crush them in case of earthquake, Shigri, before everyone else, came up with a practical and simple solution…




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