13. The Kashmiri veil



As soon as I arrived in Kashmir, I was impressed by the elegance with which Kashmiri women wear their veil.
I asked Shigri if I could be shown the manner it was wrapped and he said: “Certainly, the 2 schoolteachers of Surbuland camp would show it to me”.


saiqa scuola

We visited the classrooms of the 2 teachers who are sisters.






saira scuola

Saiqa and Saira with their pupils.


After that, they showed me how to wrap it. I used my Chador as a veil just to be sure that I have learned it well.




Then we accompanied them with our car till the place up in the mountain where they live. Their house was destroyed and they live in two tents, they are altogether 12 people. They often reach school on foot, which takes an hour’s walk. Their mother received me; I understood from the way she looked at her daughters that she is very proud of them.


saira madre


The place is beautiful, the chicken live in a tree, the water is delicious and their hospitality is so sweet.



The youger one, Saira, calls me uncle, and I feel honored because this word means respect and trust from her. It is like a sweet responsibility.
I showed them the pictures of my daughters which I keep in the digital camera, and when I left Saira asked me if I would bring them to her place in the mountains.


saiqa posto


This evening we have received a telephone call from Islamabad, Fayaz house is ready.



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