15. The popcorn seller

popcorn venditore

A popcorn street seller was passing by the house. I was curious to understand how he was making it, cooking the grains in hot salt. It is very simple. The maize is put into the very hot salt heated by a fire under the iron plate.


popcorn sabbia

When the popcorn starts to explode and to jump outside the pot is covered with a cloth.


popcorn tessuto

When it is all cooked and stops from exploding the seller uses a sieve that lets the salt go and he retrieves the popcorn.


popcorn scolino

In order to thank the seller for having me photograph his work I bought 2 bags of popcorn that I then give to some children who were there watching him and waiting that some popcorn would jump out of the pot to pick it up and eat it.


popcorn bambini

When I wet back to the house I showed the pictures to Badjee Nasseem.
“These children are very bad!” she exclaimed, “they always break my flowers, so many times I told them and I also talked to their parents but they pay no heed”.

I told her to cheer her up “I shall write it on internet”. And we laughed.

My small daughters, be careful to always behave well and not to do wrong things. One never knows, maybe somebody comes and takes your picture, then he puts it on internet and writes that you are bad children.





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