When I saw the wounded and bleeding head of the child I took pity on him. This poor kid has a disease called “ringworm” and scratches his head till it bleeds. He cannot sleep at night or day.


I immediately sprayed “Cicatrix” to disinfect the wounds, then I prepared a cream with “Anti-Shark” and the local Karitè butter to spread all over his head as a proper cure.



We then covered his head with a piece of his grandfather’s turban to protect it against flies and dust.

He looks like a small Egyptian Pharaoh

The small boy was at first very afraid. He had already been twice to the hospital and they had made him suffer a lot without any tangible result. His grandfather explained that he was an orphan and that it was himself who now raised Baba and his elder brother Elbu.

The next morning they said to us that Baba had slept for the first time in weeks.

Two days later Ali washed his head with soap and shaved him to accelerate the healing.



He also bought some better clothes for the two orphans because nights and mornings are quite cold in this season.


It is now one week since Ali and I have treated Baba. His head has cicatrized at an astonishing speed, as also the wounds that he had on face, arms and legs.
He now smiles every time he sees me, when he arrives from the desert to fill his water tanks, and we walk hand in hand.


The Tuaregs are very impressed because we did without pain what the hospital doctors did not do in several months, and it was without any pain for the child.
They now come to us for all kinds of disturbs, stomach pain, chronic flu, headaches that last for days, and also more serious diseases such as Malaria and bad infections.
I help Ali with my essences in most cases, but I know well the limits of my knowledge and for this very reason, I am able to appreciate the power of Ali’s desert plants and his capacity as a healer.

medico pozzo

Ali and his patients, always more numerous


After 3 weeks Baba is compleately healed and his hair grow again on a new skin


Ali has shaved Baba’s hair a last time

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