The well is now consolidated down until it reaches the water and Ibrahim’s workers are emptying it of the sand. It is the most delicate part of the whole process, because, without a special technique that Ibrahim uses, the sand would come up while it is taken out, creating empty caves that would take away support to the well. If this happened, we could not dig any further and the lower part of the well could even crumble.


Today I asked Ibrahim to go down the well along with him in order to understand well how the work is proceeding and also to realize in which conditions the diggers were working down there.
The bottom is 30 meters below, but it does not seem so. While I was going down, either the top of the well and its bottom did not seem to be far away at any moment.


But the height is that of a four-stage building.


It is very hot at the bottom, I stayed only 10 minutes but I sweated as I never did. Ibrahim was in the water under me and for this reason, he was feeling alright, but the air we breathed was very stale, hot, and extremely humid.


Ibrahim has already built over 350 wells, many for foreign organizations from Europe and the USA.

He told me: “By God, you are the first white man I have seen going down a well. It is the only religion that allows you to do this because you trust your Muslim brothers who hold your life in their hand”.

To me, it had seemed very natural and I did not have a moment of apprehension, but I am glad all the same of his comment.

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