It has been a very good day. Ali and I are satisfied. It was 3 weeks since we were looking for a way to help the disabled women without finding it.

In order to be sure that all the women would be present at the meeting we called, we let it know that there would be a distribution of money.

So we proposed our ideas: we can buy 30 meters of cloth to the women who have followed the sewing course and Tahara will give them the 15 sewing machines left unused. The other proposal is that for a full year they will have their medical visits and medications free with Ali. I shall leave enough money with him for this purpose.

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They have a mentality a little bit communist, they say that every one of them must have like the others and that they all should have both a sewing machine and the cloth.

I was confused about what to reply to because only 15 of them are able to use the machines. Moreover among the 30 of them are 4 small girls, a mentally handicapped girl, a blind woman, and 3 students away for study in the capital. Bamako. For these ten the machines are useless.

According to them I should complete the number of machines also for these ten and buy cloth for the 30 of them. I should also organize the transport and finance the petrol cost for collecting the students because they cannot walk and pay the teacher for those who have not followed the course.

It is really too complicated and I said to Ali whom I took apart that I am very deluded by their answer.

In the end, after having distributed the money promised, we were about to leave and I told her that I needed to reflect on their request and that we would let them know what we decided.

All f a sudden, as we already stood to leave, they decided to accept the medical help proposition.


I sat down again and made sure that all of them were convinced of this choice. I was very glad to see that they had reasoned.

I explained to them that my motorcycle will remain with Ali so that whenever they needed cures it would be enough to call him by phone and he would come straight to them.

Ali will cure without payment themselves and their children. They were very happy to know all that and they became even more convinced that their choice was the right one.

They don’t know yet how much benefit they will have from that. I know it myself very well because I see every day how effective are Ali’s remedies, and how good he is at curing the people.

I Am very satisfied today because my double desire to help the natural doctors to raise over poverty and to better the life of these disabled women have became fulfilled in one move.

As we say in Italy: “catch 2 pigeons with a pea”.

We then went to Zahra and her friends and told them that they also could call Ali to get free medical treatments from him.


In this way both groups of disabled persons received the same benefit.

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