It is already a month since we started the work. Ibrahim, Ali and I often go back to Timbuktu, but the workers must stay here permanently and they are tired.

Some of them are working without the spirit of goodwill and the work does not proceed as it should.

Ibrahim has decided to send back home half the team and bring fresh reinforcements.


Here are five guys looking very sure of themselves who are returning after completing a well 70 meters deep. They have years of experience with sand wells and they are the older team of Ibrahim.


Ibrahim explains to the new and the old workers what he expects from them.


He admonishes Mamatu, the chief of the old team, because he has not been able to maintain the cohesion between the workers.


We have anyway reached and there is now enough of it to form a small pond, even after filling the tanks for the people and the drinking troughts for the animals.


The pond is a totally new thing in this desert and we have to push the animals towards it for drinking. They tend to run right past it towards the cement tanks where they are used to drink from.


The small birds are more intelligent and come by themselves. They seem to thank us as they move their head up and down.

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