23. The new house of Fayaz

It has not been an easy job to transport the pieces of the new house to Fayaz’s place. The truck could not reach because the road was too steep, and we had to make many trips with tractors to bring the panels up to the path that leads to Fayaz’s place.


prefab trattore


prefab sentiero


Mr Agha has invented some instruments to make transportation on the path easier, but even so, it is a tough job to carry the walls of the house.


prefab hooks


prefab sentiero su


It has been necessary to employ all of Shigri’s team and we have been working the whole day and in the night until late.


prefab squadra


The day after that Mr Agha’s team took over the work of assembling the house, and the first wall went up when the night was already well over.


prefab walls inizio


In the following 2 days, all the walls were assembled.


prefab walls


The ceiling was then fixed over them,


prefab ceiling 2


then the roof was mounted over the house.


prefab tetto


prefab tetto 2

Then the windows were inserted


prefab window

At last, the water pipes for the bath and the kitchen are installed, then the shower and the sink, and a floor of fresh cement all inside the house will seal everything


prefab bagno

While the electricians are installing the wires for light and appliances.

prefab elettrico



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