24. The perfumes of Kashmir

We are working immersed in perfumes. The mountains of Kashmir are full of flowers and of aromatic plants which make fragrant the air that we breathe with so much joy.

The roses of Fayaz grow all around his place


fiore rosa rossa


Fayaz has planted orange trees, grapefruit and lemon trees, they are all blooming and their perfume makes us euphoric.


fiore arancio

The acacia trees as well are in full bloom


fiore accacia


There are some perfumed plants which release their perfume when the sun heats them, like the Kashmiri tagete


fiore tagete


The Bhang grows everywhere and its perfume is the more characteristic of Kashmir because it lasts from spring to autumn.


fiore erba


Carpets of mint produce intense fragrances when they are trodden.


fiore menta


But for me the most beautiful flowers of this mountain are Aline and her friends, their perfume is the joy that springs from their laughter


aline amiche




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